App Development

Mobile, Web, WordPress, & WooCommerce App Development

This is an exclusive service we offer our clients and anyone that wants an app developed for them on any of these platforms.

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Our App Development Features

What our designed apps thrive on among other things is mainly specificity. Making sure the demands the client specified is being met to satisfaction. We can built multi-lingual apps too which is one of our most requested addon features.

Multi-Platform & Device

We build native and hybrid Apps for Android and iOS platforms and made available on AppStore and Google playstore.

Tailored App Solutions

We build app solutions that conform specifically to our clients' specifications in terms of features and operation. Without any specific features provided, we look at what problems our client intends to solve with the app and create one that targets and solved that problem with good user experience.

App Optimisation for Growth

After launch of a completed app solution, we market your appstore and optimise them for easy visibilty and more download.

Our app development services

Ronel offers 4 main services when it comes to app development for our clients.

  • WooCommerce App Development
    Ronel also develops WooCommerce apps and addons for clients looking for certain alternatives they want that are currently unavailable in the original WooCommerce features.
  • Wordpress App Development
    Ronel Agency helps convert your WordPress site to a premium or high-performance native mobile app like a breeze.
Our Approach

Our App Development approach

We mainly use 3 approaches: native, hybrid and progressive web app development approaches.

Native App Development

Native app development is the use of platform-specific programming languages, software development kits, and development environments offered by the OS providers. In other words, if you are planning an app for iOS and Android, these apps will be developed separately for each platform with the use of completely different technology stacks.

This approach has significant benefits and remains the most preferable among mobile app developers. First of all, native apps support all available features of the platform and compatible devices. At the same time, you can create a unique user experience with native tools and be sure that each OS user feels at home. Furthermore, native apps have higher performance and responsiveness.

Advantages Of Native App Development
  • Overall, native apps have the best performance
  • Platform-specific UI implementation
  • 100% support of OS features
  • Total access to hardware-related features
  • Clear app update path and supported toolset
  • Native apps are highly reliable, secure, and responsive

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid application development is classified as a form of cross-platform. In this development approach, the application core is developed by the use of standard web technologies and tools like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, and then executed within a native shell.

Resulting apps from the hybrid development approach have the speed of a regular web application and the user experience similar to any type of native mobile app. Notably, the use of a single code base enables deployment to all platforms lowering the cost if compared to native apps. Lastly, hybrid apps with hardware-dependent features have access to device hardware components and native platform libraries

Advantages Of Hybrid App Development
  • Single development team
  • Short time to market
  • The easy portability of code
  • Capable use of hardware components
  • Same user experience as a native mobile app
  • Lower cost of development
  • Ability to work on and offline

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

The last type of development approach, but not the least, which we cannot exclude is the Progressive Web App development. In this case, the engagement of HTML is principal here.

PWAs are actually not mobile apps, but they are similar in appearance and functions to any native app. They are web applications specially developed with an adaptable and user-friendly interface for mobile users.

There is no need whatsoever for a user to download the resulting application from an app store. Progressive web apps function without a regular browser and can be installed on the home screen of any mobile or desktop device. The beauty here is that they are specified to be responsive and connect independently.

With their browser tucked away, they have the disadvantage of being limited in implementation because you need a browser vendor APIs to access mobile hardware features.

Advantages Of PWA Development
  • Easy app maintenance
  • The use of a single codebase
  • Mobile Friendly UI
  • You don’t need an app store to host or download
  • Works on and offline
Sync your website & app menu

Customizable App Features

When we develop an app for your site, we can make the menu, categories, and subcategories from your website available. The entered information also mirrors your existing website content. Any modification made to your website automatically reflects in the app.

Add Email & Call Support

Offer immediate help to app users with email and call support features. Enable customers to contact you through integrated email and call buttons within the app.

Enable App Sharing

Encourage customers to use your app and share it in their circle. Get a share button in the app menu to inspire immediate promotions and publicity.

Social Media Connectivity

Get extensive marketing and branding support with connectivity to any social media platform. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.