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Creating and nurturing impactful brands

Your brand is so much more than just a name and a logo; it’s who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer. It should be represented across all aspects of your business operations, from the colours on your website to the tone of voice in every tweet you send.

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Our Brand Strategy Approach

Our approach to branding is all about ensuring that it truly works for your business. Your brand identity is completely unique and should be a true representation of who you are and what you want to achieve. We carefully consider the many distinct elements that make up your brand to ensure that it leads you to bigger and brighter things.

In-depth Brand Analysis

The first part of redefining your brand is getting to grips with what you already have and who you are talking to. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your existing branding, if relevant, analysing what works, what doesn’t, and what is essential to your position within the market.

Whether we are making sizable changes or smaller key adjustments, our talented and creative teams will work closely with you and any key stakeholders to ensure that you are comfortable with your new brand. We’ll bring fresh new ideas to the table, and combine this with market analysis, our experience and your in-depth knowledge of your company to create a brand that resonates.

Tailored Brand Journey

Your business is unique, and your brand should represent this. As such, we don’t use an off-the-shelf approach to branding. Instead, we take our decades of experience in crafting and developing brands that make waves and get results, and use this insight to inform your tailored brand journey.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a well established global brand, our full-service approach means that our agile team is able to deliver exactly what you need. By collaborating with different departments within the agency, we can select the brand strategy choices that make sense for you instead of wasting time and money on elements that you don’t need.

Branding for Business Growth

No matter how creative your brand strategy, we always remain grounded in delivering long-term, sustainable business growth. There’s no point having a polished brand persona if it doesn’t actually attract the customers and revenue your business needs to take the next step.

Using a strategy-based approach, we ensure that every branding decision we make is in the best interests of your business. We’re not here to jump on the latest trend, leaving you with a brand that has a very short shelf life. Each step of your brand journey is designed to create an identity that grows with your business and that you can be proud of for many years to come.

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We’re an award-winning agency with over 8 years of experience helping businesses to develop their brands and create lasting relationships with their customers. We’ve worked with everyone from startups to some of the biggest brands in the country.

We’re a full-service agency, with over 16 in-house experts and close to a decade of experience. We understand how important strategic cross-collaboration is to a successful brand strategy, so we always work closely with other departments such as PR and Creative to ensure a holistic approach.

Your brand is more than just your logo or a colour palette. It’s your tone of voice, your interactions with customers on social media, your user experience, your website design … In short, your brand is your reputation, and by working with a full-service agency like RONEL, you can be sure that your brand is considered at every stage of your design and marketing strategy.

Absolutely. We’ll sit down with you for a discovery session to understand your current brand strategy before analysing your audience, service offering, competitors and key messaging. This will steer us towards an updated approach that still feels like you while allowing for business growth and development.

Yes, we can! We’ll sit down with you to discuss your ideas, your goals and your target audience, getting to the heart of who you are and what you’re about. Through Graphic Design, Copywriting and Web Design, we’ll help you to create a brand that embodies everything you’re about.

It’s incredibly important that your brand, tone of voice and messaging are consistent across all platforms, so we won’t simply design a logo and leave you to it. Whether we’ve created a brand-new identity or reworked your existing design, we’ll provide complete brand guidelines that you can share with your employees and suppliers to ensure that your company is represented accurately both internally and externally.

Of course! We’re in a digital-first world, but brand experience is not isolated to just online. From standard requests like business cards and promotional literature to exhibition stands and point-of-sale, we’ll work to ensure that your business’ new brand creates a memorable experience across multiple areas of engagement.