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By Martey Newman-Adjiri

How to write sales pages that convert




A sales page is a page on your website that has the goal of convincing people to buy.
Sales pages are supposed to offer irresistible offers to the target audience so much that they can’t say no.


There are two forms of sales pages.

  1. Short-form sales pages: they are usually used for e-commerce and for lower-end products. You don’t need a long copy to convince people to purchase a product or service.
  2. Long-Form Sales Page: are used when selling a complicated or extremely expensive product or service? You will need more words to convince people to whip out their payment cards.


Mastering the art of writing sales pages that convert is a process. There is no end to it, it is something that requires you to always learn and improve. You have to abreast yourself with the skills and learn about the audience you are selling to.
Humans are constantly evolving, so test your writing continuously against your target audience until you find what works for you.

Until then, you can use these tips to write sales pages that guarantee conversion.


You only sell to people you know, it is important to figure out who you are selling to, what they need, their likes and dislikes etc. knowing your target audience will help you in drafting a sales message that will appeal to them and eventually convert them into customers.
The more you know your target audience, the better your sales page will be. The goal is to make your reader feel as if you think like them and fully understand them enough to make them buy what you are selling.


Headlines contribute greatly to the success or failure of your sales page. The headline should invite and persuade readers to continue reading. If a strong headline is absent from your sales page, the rest of the sales page becomes irrelevant because your readers are not persuaded to read it.
Do you want to write attention-grabbing headlines for your sales page?
Use words that highlight your reader’s point of interest.
For example, you are writing a sales page for people who use food delivery services.
Sales page headline: Have Your Food Delivered To You In 5 Minutes With Bolt Food.


It is normal for readers to have reservations and doubts about what you are selling. What is not normal is you not addressing these possible concerns on your sales page. Try as much as possible to clear any doubts a reader may have about your product or service as that quickens their decision process. For example, you are selling a one-month Vodafone data plan to university students. You can address the concern of one month’s data plan being exhausted in less than a month by saying, “Vodafone’s one-month data plan for students lasts the entire month. This is guaranteed”.


Writing a sales page without highlighting the benefits of the product or service is a huge mistake.
The reader should know what they stand to gain if they make a purchase. Apple for instance always includes the benefits of each product on the sales page, this is also known as the specifications of the phone. Listing the benefits of what you are selling heightens the reader’s interest in your product or service.


It is one thing to sell a product, it is another thing to sell a feeling. Make your reader feel like he or she is missing out by not having the product or service. A brand that sells feelings well is Nike. People tend to choose Nike products because of the feeling that comes with them. A brand telling you to “Just do it” is motivation on its own. You need to master the technique of selling feelings to be able to write sales pages that convert.


Testimonials act like a stamp of approval that many people look out for before they make a purchase. In a world where things are not as they seem, it is important to provide positive reviews of your product or service on your sales page. Every business owner holds the reputation of the business in high esteem as it can make or unmake a business. Would you buy from a website with no reviews or from the one with lots of positive reviews? There you have it!
According to research conducted by BigCommerce, 72% of consumers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


A call to action is an important message used to tell readers what they need to do. Without a clear CTA on your sales page, readers may struggle to know what to do next after reading the sales page.
Call to action are important on your sales page because:
• they eliminate the stress of making a decision
• they direct the reader
• they improve conversion rate

There are tricks involved in getting the best out of your CTAs. They are:
• ensure that the CTA bar is designed with bright colors that contrast with the page color
• ensure that the CTA bar is placed properly and at a vantage point on the page
• the CTA should be benefit-oriented
• it should contain action words
• it should be short and concise


One major key to achieving conversion from your sales page is the offer(s) you create. Create irresistible offers that will leave your reader with no choice them to make a purchase. Hit on the value of the product or service in terms of how much time they can save when they purchase that product or service.
For example, you are writing a sales page for a multipurpose blender. Don’t focus on why the blender is good for $200, rather tell your reader how easy their life would be if they use the multi-purpose blender when cooking. By the time the reader is done reading, he or she would have already been convinced as to why they should buy the blender without much focus on the price.


One way to nail sales pages is knowing how to make them short, concise and very convincing. Naturally, people have a very short attention span. When your headline grabs their attention, make sure you don’t bore them with a lengthy sales page full of ambiguous words. Use relatable everyday words. Depending on your target audience, you can be formal, semi-informal or informal. Make your reader comfortable reading the sales page. Don’t deviate from the headline, stay on point and pass your message across.
A complicated sales page will turn your reader or potential customer away. If they don’t understand what you’re selling, they won’t stick around to try to find out.


Pictures and videos relay information faster than text. They are also very captivating; it is more engaging to look at a page with videos and pictures.
Videos increase conversion rates more because they have explanatory and demonstrative properties. It is easier to explain your product or service using a video.


Creating a sense of urgency in your sales page copy is a strategic way of getting your reader to make a quick decision. You can use words that highlight the urgency in your sales page copy.
These words include: Now, Hurry, Quick, Limited, Running Out. Fast, New, Deadline.
You can also run a flash sale to encourage conversion. For example, you could use a flash sale to encourage conversions by offering a reduced price if the reader acts within a certain time limit.


Sometimes, your reader may have questions you didn’t address on your sales page and they need to communicate with you to get answers. Don’t leave visitors or readers stranded on your sales page with no communication link.
Ensure you have a live bot section on your sales page, as this can boost conversion.

In conclusion, when you master the art of writing sales pages that convert, it will definitely reflect the number of sales you make. It all balls down to knowing your potential customer enough to know what he or she needs and how to convince them to buy from you.
The goal of every sales page is to get people to convert. In other words, to make visitors into customers.
You can try long- and short-form sales pages to figure out which one works best for you.

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