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Into easy harmonised result-driven systems by simplifying a complex platform into a three-dimensional  system crafted to grow brands.

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Online Support Services

This is a spectrum of services offered by Ronel Agency. It spans across a variety of service categories. This encompasses;


Web Maintenance Services

Our creative campaigns will help you build an award-winning social media presence, grow and engage your community and drive new business through Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Management (SMMM)


Webcare Services

The automation process helps to free time for the client to carry out other tasks. We use CRM data to automate processes and free up essential time. Our bespoke methods and scripts are designed for campaign optimisation that’s completely automated.


Digital Care Services

Our technical expertise will improve your visibility in search engines through Strategic SEO (Local SEO, Technical SEO, On-Page and Off-Page SEO), PPC, Digital PR, Content Marketing etc. We provide these in our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Management (SEMM) offering
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We are a team of strategist, marketers, copy writers, web developers and engineers who love what we do and we appreciate every opportunity to do what we love doing - producing great work, building lasting partnerships and changing lives for the better in the process.

If you're a business, isn't standing out from the competition when you offer the same but better service great? More customers are going to the shop next door but not yours even though you sell the same thing. A larger audience is following a similar business but not yours. These are potential branding problems.

Have you wondered why people pick Nike over Adidas, or Apple over Samsung?

BRAND - it's what people connect with, trust and perceive as more valuable to them. Branding let's your customers:

  • Connect with a unique personality
  • Align with your values or cause
  • Understand why and how you do what you do
  • Recognise you from afar and up close on their mobile
  • Have a memorable experience with your business
  • Want to tell their friends about your business.

Branding is more than logo design. It's a combination of strategic direction to overcome your problems and achieve your goals. It's creating messaging and copy for things like your website. And it's a visual look and feel that includes a logo.

Additionally, your brand can change over time as your business changes. No matter if you're starting out or changing things up, branding/rebranding is your starting point as it can inform your marketing, advertising, packaging, social media and more.

So if your customers connect more with your competitor, you have a branding problem. We want to help you make your business your customers' first choice.

Strategy is definitely an over-saturated buzzword in business. It can mean different things to different people. Strategy in this context is 2 things.

The first is identifying and understanding your business problems and goals, to then determine a strategy to achieve them. Kind of like knowing where the goal posts are to aim towards. This may include providing an action plan that could mean an updated brand identity as a solution or maybe a non-branding solution to meet the goal.

The second part to strategy is what we'd call 'Brand Identity Strategy'. This is a non-negotiable part of the branding process. It helps us understand:

  1. Who your customers are and what are their needs.
  2. Why, how, what you do what you do.
  3. How you are perceived and wish to be perceived.
  4. Your position in your market.

Each part informs a Brand Identity outcome and can be used to refer back to as the yard stick for knowing if we're hitting the mark. The best part of both strategies are that, there may be facets about your business you'd never even considered and it allows us both to be on the same page. So it's a big win-win.

Ultimately both parts of strategy form a really useful brief so that we can produce a far greater result for your business. The more you are open about your business, the more helpful we can be. Because we want to be part of your team and see it succeed. A strategy to get us there is simply a great platform to leap from.

If you're a small business, a branding engagement typically takes between 1-3 months.

This factors in many things, such as:

  • Current workload we have
  • Payments being promptly made
  • Client assets being provided (eg. text/imagery)
  • Revisions to work presented
  • Amount of Visual Identity concepts created
  • Aligning schedules for meetings

Our branding process typically involves:

  1. Discovery strategy session (in person or video call)  6-8 hours
  2. Strategy outline produced 1 week
  3. Messaging produced1-2 weeks
  4. Visual Identity 2-4 weeks