Gideon Nicholas Agbeka

Content Creator

What to Know

The Wordsmith's Bio

When he realised he could create things in my head, write them, and let people live those imaginations, he decided to make a career in writing. He is a fan of poetic and metaphoric writings and he always fancies people who write these works and One day wants to be like them. He aspires to use his writing to educate, influence and change lives. 

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Linguistics at the University of Ghana that would better his creative writing skills. Churning out quality content has always been the hallmark of his work and he looks forward to producing more. 

His favourite quote is ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” and this has kept him going day in and day out. “If there is anything you wants to achieve, begin now” is what he always says. He loves reading books that are mind-blowing and very imaginative. This is Who Gideon Nicholas Agbeka is.

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