Securing coverage in leading newspapers, magazines and across...

broadcast media to achieve maximum results. Our story-telling, data-led approach ensures successful multi-layer PR campaigns. 

Best PR Agency

Create awareness for your brand

PR is essential for building brand awareness and making sure your audience have positive views of you.

We’re one of the most trusted PR agencies in the country. We are experts in building media relationships, and tailoring successful PR strategies for small, medium, and large businesses across a range of industries.

Understanding your customers

Successful PR campaigns are built around what your customer needs. We analyse what people are reading and where, so we can get the right message across.

Engaging your Audience

From creative news angles to running an event, our PR team will provide you with a specialist, consultative service to ensure you get your news out to the right people.

Generating Results

By building relationships with the media, we strategically time press releases, event announcements and media invitations to gain you the most amount of traction in trade, regional, national and international media.

Our PR services & Specialisms

We’re a team of experienced and trusted PR experts, all of whom come from a traditional PR background. We’ll tailor our range of PR services to help you reach your goals.

  • Local, national and trade PR
    Whether you want to improve your local profile, serve a national audience, or target a specific industry, our PRCA and CIPR accredited specialists can help you to achieve these goals.
  • Press Releases
    We have proven expertise in traditional PR and journalism. We’ll identify a hook or angle for you, and turn it into an engaging press release that will get picked up by relevant media.
  • Reputation/Crisis Management
    We can repair, rebuild and nurture your brand both offline and online, to ensure you are seen in the right light.
  • Training and workshops
    We regularly hold PR workshops, and can organise training sessions for you and your colleagues either at our offices or yours.
  • Event Coordination
    We’re experts in coordinating events for you such as trade shows, community and launch events, including issuing media invites, writing holding statements, and arranging briefings.
  • Media Relations
    With contacts in trade publications, and both regional and national newspapers, we make it our priority to develop relationships with the media contacts that matter to your business
  • Digital PR
    In addition to providing you with coverage offline, we can also raise brand awareness online by building quality links to your site.
More than just PR

Putting your news in front of the right people, at the right time

In 2018, our PR team issued over 1,100 press releases for our clients. When we put together press releases for you, we ensure they consist of two main components to guarantee success:

Putting your news in front of the right people, at the right time?
Press releases for product launches, new appointments and event announcements can and do pick up great coverage across trade, regional and local publications.

Our PR specialists have built up a variety of contacts, and gained industry knowledge over the years to ensure your press releases are sent to the right people. We know how to put your content in front of the right audience to receive maximum coverage and generate exposure opportunities.

Know more


We’re an award-winning agency with over 8 years of experience helping businesses to develop their brands and create lasting relationships with their customers. We’ve worked with everyone from startups to some of the biggest brands in the country.

We’re a full-service agency, with over 16 in-house experts and close to a decade of experience. We understand how important strategic cross-collaboration is to a successful brand strategy, so we always work closely with other departments such as PR and Creative to ensure a holistic approach.

Your brand is more than just your logo or a colour palette. It’s your tone of voice, your interactions with customers on social media, your user experience, your website design … In short, your brand is your reputation, and by working with a full-service agency like RONEL, you can be sure that your brand is considered at every stage of your design and marketing strategy.

Absolutely. We’ll sit down with you for a discovery session to understand your current brand strategy before analysing your audience, service offering, competitors and key messaging. This will steer us towards an updated approach that still feels like you while allowing for business growth and development.

Yes, we can! We’ll sit down with you to discuss your ideas, your goals and your target audience, getting to the heart of who you are and what you’re about. Through Graphic Design, Copywriting and Web Design, we’ll help you to create a brand that embodies everything you’re about.

It’s incredibly important that your brand, tone of voice and messaging are consistent across all platforms, so we won’t simply design a logo and leave you to it. Whether we’ve created a brand-new identity or reworked your existing design, we’ll provide complete brand guidelines that you can share with your employees and suppliers to ensure that your company is represented accurately both internally and externally.

Of course! We’re in a digital-first world, but brand experience is not isolated to just online. From standard requests like business cards and promotional literature to exhibition stands and point-of-sale, we’ll work to ensure that your business’ new brand creates a memorable experience across multiple areas of engagement.