Building a Marketing Plan

A detailed and comprehensive way to build a marketing plan

The book aims to provide a detailed, comprehensive, and useful framework to aid readers who are interested in or involved in developing a marketing plan in understanding various marketing ideas and putting them together in an approachable handbook. Due to demanding and knowledgeable consumers as well as a turbulent marketing environment, marketers must be very sensitive to environmental monitoring systems capable of seeing the newest marketing trends, opportunities, and dangers at an early stage.

The recommended manuscript discusses the planning, carrying out, and controlling marketing operations themes in order to address these difficulties. This will provide direction for marketers and non-marketers equally as they carry out a marketing strategy. The most recent research findings in the area of marketing are also included. The authors of this book made an effort to keep their writing as straightforward, clear, and direct as possible because it is aimed at marketing students. This book will also be useful for business people.

A detailed and comprehensive way to build a marketing plan
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Building a Marketing Plan