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This is a 30min Free consultation with RONEL AGENCY to know if we are the right partner for your project depending on the project specifics and the problem you are trying to solve.

Workshop Types

About Our Workshops

  • 014-interview
    Brainstorm Session
    This is an hour long and charge free meeting held between RONEL AGENCY and our prospective client. This session is an alignment exercise to scout the scope of your project and to get a fair idea of what we need to kickstart the said project.
  • 005-prototype
    Discovery Workshop
    A live, in-person, facilitated discovery phase where we uncover deep insights about your customer base and internal stakeholders, as well as project-specific goals and benchmarks. Typically, mini discovery sessions last about 3 hours.

    User Profiles
    Let’s get to each. Here we will define your primary and secondary customers, surfacing their job, challenges, and pain points.

    Business Goals Your side of the story. Our job is to craft platforms that align your goals with your customers needs. This is where we dig into your objectives for the platform.

    Brand Story
    We’ll facilitate your team to define the brand through key attributes including: voice & tone, look & feel, value proposition, customers/tribe and cultural trends.

    Three (3) Stylescapes
    A visual encapsulation of your brand’s voice/tone and look/feel filtered through three prompts. This essential step will help us set the broad compass direction for the visual identity, and allow you to collaborate with our process at a very early stage.

    A comprehensive summary (Discovery Strategy) document which combines all of our facilitation and research insights, the brand story and voice, and our user profiles. We will organise this visually and return styles capes and/or a document containing the messaging, brand, UI/UX, and Identity strategies.
  • 029-consult
    Handing Over Training Workshop
    Depending on the package or how you wants to move forward with aspects of the project, we may need to train your team on different skill sets. Included in this initial project will be three (3) one hour system webinar trainings covering the following topics:

    Basic website management & blog
    Custom Modules & Plugins
    Email Marketing

    Each of these trainings will be recorded and presented for future use. Additional screencast trainings might be delivered to support specific processes included in your website project. Sometimes pre-recorded videos or documentation are opted in place of webinar trainings for certain backend processes.

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