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Our Workflow and Problem Solving Approach

Hand-In-Hand Approach

Our process has always been working with the client to come up with the custom solution best suited to that particular client as opposed to working for the Client. We take into account the clients opinions on their business and suggest viable ways to expand said business with the approval of the client. By working together hand-in-hand we are able to produce a holistic outcome that suits both Our client and their audience in a more engagiing and enjoyable way.

A detailed form of what our process entails is displayed below in five (5) main steps.

Our Clients

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More Clients
  • Aburi Girls
  • Agbo Auto LLC, USA
  • Alumills lmpressions
  • Aquarium Ghana
  • AR Ventures
  • Bendyrich Develop­ments Ltd.
  • Biggies Luxury Cars
  • BoLTE Communication
  • Brandhub Africa
  • Brickhouse Construc­tion
  • Build Craft
  • Caxandra
  • Cen Power Limited
  • CenOps Limited
  • Cobarma Construction
  • Dag Heward Mills Min.
  • Daybreak Chapel Int.
  • Edami Ventures
  • Energie Mondiale
  • Gentle MEP Limited
  • Ghana Intitule of Languages (GIL)
  • Ghana-Israel Business Chamber
  • Go Project Christian Network
  • Golden Experience Africa
  • Goldjet Airlines
  • Goldman Capital
  • Greater Light English Worship Service (GLEWS), S. Korea
  • HB Agency
  • Humanist Association of Ghana – HAG
  • Hygienic Based Fruits
  • Ideal Trendz
  • Inch Perfect
  • Integretas HR
  • Investa Capital Fund Management
  • Jimm Int. Ministries – JIM
  • Job Advertising Hub
  • Judon Electronical Engineering(JEE )
  • KayaMove Limited
  • La Dadekotopon Development Trust
  • Learning Support Solu­tions (LSS)
  • Leo Dynasty Group Company
  • MaksGreen Limited
  • Martmont LLC
  • Medical Reformists
  • Mopheth Church
  • Nadish Foods
  • New State Hostel
  • News Hub Ghana
  • Nfoni Studio
  • OpsHouse
  • Panthers
  • Pheb Collections
  • PrettiBraids, Ukraine
  • Raceg Construction
  • Rakes Company Ltd.
  • Reltub Investments
  • Rotary Club of Accra La East
  • Runbelows Limited
  • Savvy Mummy
  • Sound Industry Ltd.
  • Sterling Magnum lnt.
  • StructPro Limited
  • Sumitomo corp
  • Swirb IT Limited
  • Takoradi Technical University
  • Tamzak Company
  • The Elevated Church
  • T-Prints
  • Urban Niche
  • Wamala Growers Co-operataive Union, Uganda
  • WestPoint Developers Ltd.
  • Wina Technologies Ltd
  • XGh Trends
  • Xperience Ghana
  • Yatisu LLC

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