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We are the Brand HarmoniserTM – carefully creating a holistic brand experience. As design strategists, we bridge the gap between strategy conceived and strategy executed. We align the goals of your organization to the needs of your customers— creating exceptional brand experiences.



Harmonising Brand Experience

The logo

Our name, logo and tagline are a definition of who we are, what we believe in and how we do things.

RONEL means tune (song) of El (God). And just as every great instrument produces amazing harmonic sounds, so do we harmonised brand experiences by bringing clarity of understanding to a complex problem by aligning design with digital execution through a strategy-led approach.

The RONEL logo has R (RONEL) at its core ending in a dot, signifying the start or finish of a process. Our successes are a by-product of the well-horned process of doing what we love. The arc is to assure our partners that we are an end-to-end full-service agency for their marketing and communication needs. 

The Logo in 3D is a reflection of our perspective on things – we believe in real-world solutions that touch lives. We, therefore, tackle every problem differently as it has different dimensions to it. And also holistically from a 30k feet view. We come to the table with an open mind as an extension of your team to work with you as oppose to working for you. 

The tagline is “Harmonising Brand Experience”. Every good brand serves 2 kinds of people – the customers and the employee. Our approach is to create a harmonised 3-dimensional Customer Experience(CX), Employee Experience(EX) and Brand Experience (BX) cycle.

How we do it?

We Grow Businesses

Today, people embrace companies with customer experiences that best meet their needs. RONEL helps build strong brands by creating these best-in-class experiences through strong creatives powered by technology, data and organisational strategy (employee experience and brand experience strategies) for operational excellence. Via a strategy-led approach, we combine these capabilities into a harmonised solution, crafted purposefully to give unified brand experiences that forges impactful relationships with those that engage with it. This holistic approach to has made us the fastest-growing agency in Ghana.

Our Approach
Harmonising Brand Experience

How we aim to impact business growth and drive change in Ghana, Africa and beyond is by making the brand experience whole. We believe that all experience is a brand experience and has to be all-rounded and experienced through all communication channels.
We achieve this via the fellowing solutions;

RONEL Brand HarmonisersTM operates a lean, interdisciplinary team that work in collaboration with clients, helping them solve their user’s problems from a point of clarity and understanding. Our user-centric, data-driven approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across all touchpoint – digital, physical and messaging/marketing/ communication. Harnessing the power of such a harmonised brand experience results in a user relationship that is much more consistent, impactful and invaluable.


RONEL is the place where brands come to get created, refined or retooled. Whatever your brand needs, we’ll build strategies that will move it forward. We do so by helping you define your organization’s real meaning. Then we leverage that to help you better drive every part of your business.


Our job is to help your customers experience your one true and authentic brand. We do that through brand identity and design, campaigns and media, and physical and digital experiences. All aligned with each other, and with the true meaning of your organization.


Brand outside, brand inside. That is, one brand for everyone. We design and build experiences for employees that help them not only better understand your company’s meaning, but also your company’s culture and the role they play in it. In this way, they can better deliver on your brand’s promise.

Our Workflow is a by-product of our Process

At RONEL, we deliver end-to-end digital products, from ideation to user research and testing, to design, development and post-launch analytics and tracking. But what sets us apart is our strategy-first approach. Every project is built on a solid foundation of branding, communications, goals alignment and stakeholder engagement.

    We evaluate your needs and explore an approach that makes sense for the scale and nature of your organization. Once we establish your strategic needs, we will build a team of specialists with the experience and the skills to help you design your future.
    A powerful brand experience–whether in print, in-person or online–can be the key to super-charging your organization’s communication ability to build operational capacity, attract top talent, galvanize support and increase impact.
  • CREATIVE-CONCEPT-Black-10.png
    Digital experiences are embedded in everything that we do. Through technologies that makes our lives comfortable; devices, websites, apps, social media, search engines and so on. We craft experiences that engages seamlessly with your targeted audience wherever they are.
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A Culture of innovation

  • Branding the next generation of digital leaders.
  • newshubafrica.com and newshubghana.com
  • Plan, book and manage events with EventPnP.com
  • A hub for the latest job ads
  • Toadepa.com Change through commerce
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Grow the Industry. Teach. Inspire.

Brantrepreneur is our way of imparting our generation. Over the years, we have accumulated significant managerial and creative experience we gladly share. We talk about mistakes, inspire, grow specialists of a new level, help brand entrepreneurs to build healthy companies.


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We are a team of strategist, marketers, copy writers, web developers and engineers who love what we do and we appreciate every opportunity to do what we love doing - producing great work, building lasting partnerships and changing lives for the better in the process.

If you're a business, isn't standing out from the competition when you offer the same but better service great? More customers are going to the shop next door but not yours even though you sell the same thing. A larger audience is following a similar business but not yours. These are potential branding problems.

Have you wondered why people pick Nike over Adidas, or Apple over Samsung?

BRAND - it's what people connect with, trust and perceive as more valuable to them. Branding let's your customers:

  • Connect with a unique personality
  • Align with your values or cause
  • Understand why and how you do what you do
  • Recognise you from afar and up close on their mobile
  • Have a memorable experience with your business
  • Want to tell their friends about your business.

Branding is more than logo design. It's a combination of strategic direction to overcome your problems and achieve your goals. It's creating messaging and copy for things like your website. And it's a visual look and feel that includes a logo.

Additionally, your brand can change over time as your business changes. No matter if you're starting out or changing things up, branding/rebranding is your starting point as it can inform your marketing, advertising, packaging, social media and more.

So if your customers connect more with your competitor, you have a branding problem. We want to help you make your business your customers' first choice.

Strategy is definitely an over-saturated buzzword in business. It can mean different things to different people. Strategy in this context is 2 things.

The first is identifying and understanding your business problems and goals, to then determine a strategy to achieve them. Kind of like knowing where the goal posts are to aim towards. This may include providing an action plan that could mean an updated brand identity as a solution or maybe a non-branding solution to meet the goal.

The second part to strategy is what we'd call 'Brand Identity Strategy'. This is a non-negotiable part of the branding process. It helps us understand:

  1. Who your customers are and what are their needs.
  2. Why, how, what you do what you do.
  3. How you are perceived and wish to be perceived.
  4. Your position in your market.

Each part informs a Brand Identity outcome and can be used to refer back to as the yard stick for knowing if we're hitting the mark. The best part of both strategies are that, there may be facets about your business you'd never even considered and it allows us both to be on the same page. So it's a big win-win.

Ultimately both parts of strategy form a really useful brief so that we can produce a far greater result for your business. The more you are open about your business, the more helpful we can be. Because we want to be part of your team and see it succeed. A strategy to get us there is simply a great platform to leap from.

If you're a small business, a branding engagement typically takes between 1-3 months.

This factors in many things, such as:

  • Current workload we have
  • Payments being promptly made
  • Client assets being provided (eg. text/imagery)
  • Revisions to work presented
  • Amount of Visual Identity concepts created
  • Aligning schedules for meetings

Our branding process typically involves:

  1. Discovery strategy session (in person or video call)  6-8 hours
  2. Strategy outline produced 1 week
  3. Messaging produced1-2 weeks
  4. Visual Identity 2-4 weeks
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