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Complex ideas and powerful stories shaped into accessible, beautiful, and impactful digital and print publications.

Narrative Content Design


Our approach to developing exceptional publications, including annual reports, presentations and key materials necessary to tell your story, starts with curiosity, attention and care in understanding the story to be told.

We emphasize taking the time to interview, analyze and reflect together on what the most critical messages and themes are to convey, ensuring that the balance of copy, design and multimedia is tailored to the objectives and goals established from the start.

What's Covered Under

We help you shape complex ideas and powerful stories into accessible, beautiful, and impactful digital and print publications. Including:


In-house creative team

Our team is comprised of multidisciplinary award-winning creatives who are specialized in content, communications and design. Interdisciplinary collaboration is core to our successful approach to creating standout publications.


Impact communications

In every piece of collateral we produce, we consider the most relevant messages for delivering an impactful story that will inspire action, increase resonance, convey successes and attract new audiences.


Scaled for ongoing systems

Whether you are developing standalone publications or require an iterative system for multiple releases or annual reports, we can develop a process and design system that will scale to your needs today and over time. We also ensure that accessibility is considered throughout so that the experience is responsive, cross-browser compatible and inclusive.



    CEO, iSMART Ghana.

    “I have been so impressed with Nii and the Ronel Agency Team as they helped to design the website for iSMART Ghana. From initial discussions and notes on a piece of paper, they successfully designed a website that is very functional, but also looks great. Their professionalism and understanding of the needs of the business resulted in us being delighted with the finished product. With attention to detail, flexibility and willingness to assist as much as possible, I would happily recommend Nii and the Ronel Agency Team to anyone looking to have a website designed.”


      Creative Director, iSMART Ghana

      “Nii and the team at Ronel Agency have consistently exceeded our design expectations. Whether it be a digital or print project, Ronel Agency have always delivered outstanding results. Their flexible service is greatly appreciated, as it has allowed us to hit even the tightest deadlines. They do a fantastic job at interpreting a creative brief and we look forward to all future projects!”


        Systems Manager, iSMART Ghana

        “The Ronel Team was very receptive to hearing my brief and were then able to deliver an attractive and highly functional site – even better than I was hoping or expecting. Nii was able to understand the needs for my business and helped devise innovative templates for the site. Communication with the Ronel Team is easy and I am very pleased with the level of professionalism and friendly service both during the site build and also post-delivery. I highly recommend Nii and his team. ”

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        Content Creation FAQs

        Some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to content creation are answered here.

        To win people’s hearts and minds, you need to tell a strong brand story. Story is the last remaining competitive advantage—and the better you can communicate yours, the more successful your brand will be. 

        But without a strong brand strategy, you won’t have the tools or blueprint you need to align your business to your marketing, tell compelling stories, and attract a community of lifelong customers who share your values.

        A brand strategy gives you…

        • Clarity around your purpose, vision, mission, and values, so you can make decisions that are better for your marketing and business. 
        • Storytelling tools (including brand messaging and visual identity) to better connect with your customers. 
        • Guidelines to preserve your brand integrity. 

        It also unites your team internally. With a strong brand strategy, people have a shared vision of what your brand is trying to achieve, and they are more engaged and committed to achieving it.  

        In short, a brand strategy is the secret to long-term success—both inside and outside your company’s four walls.

        As seasoned experts, we can craft and execute every stage of your brand strategy, from identifying your principles and brand messaging to designing your logo, packaging, and more. 

        Also, we only work with brands we believe in, so we’ll give you the best of our brains and creativity to help you build the best brand in your industry. 

        That means you’ll get…

        • Fresh eyes on your brand to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
        • A partner to ask the tough questions, help you dive deep into your core, and uncover the most special and unique traits that will help you compete. 
        • Experts who translate your unique brand story into powerful brand messaging and beautiful visuals. 
        • A supportive team who’ll guide you every step of the way.

        And that’s just the start of it. 

        Best of all, by starting our partnership by developing a brand strategy together, we are able to get deeper insight into your brand, as well as your business. This informs the creative decisions we make going forward and lets us do more impactful work that will change your business for the better.

        Whether you need to build your brand strategy from scratch or update a specific portion of your strategy, our services offer you fresh insight to help you develop and differentiate your brand, and keep your entire organization aligned, including:

        • Brand Heart: Our dedicated team will help you align your business, brand, and story by identifying and articulating your brand’s purpose, vision, mission, and values.
        • Brand Identity: Expert designers will bring your brand to life with a beautifully designed visual identity that tells your story in a compelling way.
        • Brand Messaging: We’ll help you tell a cohesive and consistent story through compelling brand messaging that moves people along the customer journey.
        • Brand Guidelines: Preserve your brand integrity with easy-to-use guidelines that empower your team to create on-brand content.

        Of course, we know that every brand has unique needs. Whatever brand strategy challenges you’re facing, we can help you untangle them. 

        If you want to get to know us a little more, find out about our team philosophy and how we approach our work.

        Again, as every brand is unique, price depends on your particular needs. Our typical Brand Strategy engagements start at $20,000-$30,000. However, we tailor packages based on your company’s size and needs. 

        If that’s above your budget, we also offer custom workshops to guide your team through creating a winning brand strategy on your own. (We also offer discounted rates for non-profits.)

        Sound good? Let’s talk.