We solve business problems
with design and data.

Every solution we provide has your brand values at its centre.
As design strategists, we bridge the gap between strategy conceived and strategy executed. We align the goals of your organization to the needs of your customers— creating exceptional brand experiences.

Product & Services

What we do

We help businesses create harmonised brand experience

— that boost Productivity and Efficiency with a Competitive Advantage. What we do is in 3 main parts :






Strategy-First Approach to Design Thinking

Successful brands require thoughtful, disciplined and creative strategies to move them forward. Our extensive analytical and strategic approach provides a strong foundation to build a tailored brand experience that will drive results for your business. We do so by Harmonising Brand values through creating, refining and retooling every part of your business to be in sync.


Creating Experiences people love

We use the design-thinking approach to create powerful brand experience. Elements have been designed to showcase content in a diverse yet consistent manner for a powerful brand experience–whether in print, online or in-person.


Technologies for executing & marketing

We offer unique end-to-end digital products & services to suit a range of purposes that help brands remain relevant and successful in a constantly evolving digital age. We design to showcase content in a diverse yet harmonized manner; monitoring and anticipating what’s next so that we can craft the stories we tell about your brand and the places we put them to increase engagement with every click, tap or swipe.


Growing your business through education on processes that work

Every business has two main client base: the employee and the customer.

Employee Excellence: Preparing your staff to be your brand harmonisers and brand ambassadors. The first people to engage with your brand are your employee and the workplace is where all your brand values are lived out. Customer Experience: Your behaviour is as important as what you say. When honesty is appreciated, respect is earned, trust is gained, loyalty is returned. This is the brand experience – in both the physical and digital spaces – that we always bring as a solution to your brand values.

Our Process

Our Workflow and problem solving approach

    This starts with listening. We gain an understanding of your brand and content strategy: who you are, who you’re trying to reach, what you’re trying to accomplish, and why. And if your strategy is missing anything, we can help shore that up, too.
    Next, we (us and you) put our heads together and develop a refined plan for creating and distributing your content going forward, as well as a plan for how we’ll measure success.
  • CREATIVE-CONCEPT-Black-10.png
    Your dedicated RONEL creative team then works together to create on-brand, on-budget, and on-schedule content with input and feedback from you and a handful of your favorite coworkers.
  • CREATIVE-CONCEPT-Black-06.png
    Once published, we help get the right eyes on your content. This is where we execute all your digital handles to enhance your presence online to reach a larger target audience.
    We’ll regularly report on how your content is performing, and debrief on our shared experience to determine what went well and what could be improved. This enables us to keep improving.

Our Clients

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More Clients
  • Aburi Girls
  • Agbo Auto LLC, USA
  • Alumills lmpressions
  • Aquarium Ghana
  • AR Ventures
  • Bendyrich Develop­ments Ltd.
  • Biggies Luxury Cars
  • BoLTE Communication
  • Brandhub Africa
  • Brickhouse Construc­tion
  • Build Craft
  • Caxandra
  • Cen Power Limited
  • CenOps Limited
  • Cobarma Construction
  • Dag Heward Mills Min.
  • Daybreak Chapel Int.
  • Edami Ventures
  • Energie Mondiale
  • Gentle MEP Limited
  • Ghana Intitule of Languages (GIL)
  • Ghana-Israel Business Chamber
  • Go Project Christian Network
  • Golden Experience Africa
  • Goldjet Airlines
  • Goldman Capital
  • Greater Light English Worship Service (GLEWS), S. Korea
  • HB Agency
  • Humanist Association of Ghana – HAG
  • Hygienic Based Fruits
  • Ideal Trendz
  • Inch Perfect
  • Integretas HR
  • Investa Capital Fund Management
  • Jimm Int. Ministries – JIM
  • Job Advertising Hub
  • Judon Electronical Engineering(JEE )
  • KayaMove Limited
  • La Dadekotopon Development Trust
  • Learning Support Solu­tions (LSS)
  • Leo Dynasty Group Company
  • MaksGreen Limited
  • Martmont LLC
  • Medical Reformists
  • Mopheth Church
  • Nadish Foods
  • New State Hostel
  • News Hub Ghana
  • Nfoni Studio
  • OpsHouse
  • Panthers
  • Pheb Collections
  • PrettiBraids, Ukraine
  • Raceg Construction
  • Rakes Company Ltd.
  • Reltub Investments
  • Rotary Club of Accra La East
  • Runbelows Limited
  • Savvy Mummy
  • Sound Industry Ltd.
  • Sterling Magnum lnt.
  • StructPro Limited
  • Sumitomo corp
  • Swirb IT Limited
  • Takoradi Technical University
  • Tamzak Company
  • The Elevated Church
  • T-Prints
  • Urban Niche
  • Wamala Growers Co-operataive Union, Uganda
  • WestPoint Developers Ltd.
  • Wina Technologies Ltd
  • XGh Trends
  • Xperience Ghana
  • Yatisu LLC

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What they say about us

Your brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is. – Marty Neumeier



We are in a few countries at the moment but we are working to make our brand a household name in other countries accross the world as well.

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London, UK

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