Data at the heart of every strategy

Our inherently data-driven approach to PPC puts automation and first-party business data at the heart of everything we do, which means that we’re making decisions based on science rather than instinct. We focus on integrating business data to move past the vanity metrics that are widely used in the industry, and instead look to optimise campaigns based on profitability and their effect on your bottom line.

Paid-Per Click

Our PPC Approach

Our goal-aligned approach to PPC revolves around unearthing key insights and efficient account optimisation in order to generate remarkable results for your business. With our Insights and Technical team dedicated to innovation, we always keep our ear to the ground when it comes to new trends. This, coupled with our years of experience in the field, help us to constantly evolve our strategic offering. 

Driving long-term sustainable growth

Developing a blended, full-funnel PPC strategy is essential if you’re looking for long term growth. Although it’s important to maximise lower-funnel demand, a blinkered approach will negatively impact any long term growth and lead to market share decline in the longer term.

We blend sales activation campaigns with brand building to achieve long-term growth for our clients. By running awareness advertising in tandem with sales activation campaigns we drive long-term brand growth and more sustainable PPC activity. The ancillary benefits of brand campaigns such as increased organic brand awareness and brand search ultimately, means over time our clients aren’t solely reliant on paid advertising for customer acquisition.

An Integrated Approach

PPC in isolation will never produce the best results. We believe that the future of search marketing lies in a truly unified approach in order to navigate an increasingly complex search landscape. It involves balancing all the components of the ecosystem to suit your specific goals and objectives.

That’s why we integrate our PPC expertise with other departments across the agency to achieve optimal outcomes. We work closely with the SEO team for a collaborative approach that uses your budget more effectively. Using a combination of first-and third-party data, we build integrated dashboards that help us to identify where we can make savings. We also work side by side with our creative team, producing impactful assets and landing pages that significantly improve your conversion rate and inspire award-winning campaigns.

Our PPC services

Whatever your business goals, we can help you meet them. We offer a full range of Paid Media services, and can build any number of the following into your strategy, depending on your objectives:

  • Display Advertising
    Crafting effective visual display ads that will be seen across the web, helping you to attract new visitors to your site and convert them into paying customers.
  • Programmatic
    Using leading technology and objective-led campaigns to reach your target market at the right place and the right time.
  • Remarketing
    Effortlessly converting previous website visitors into new customers by leveraging their existing interest in your products or services.
  • Paid Social
    Creating expertly targeted ads for social media that get your brand seen by potential customers on the platforms they’re already using.
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We have worked in pretty much every business vertical and have a depth of knowledge in both e-commerce and lead gen clients that sets us apart from most agencies. We can tailor objective-led strategies from smaller growing clients, right up to huge multinationals, covering a breadth of budgets. The most important thing to remember is that we will always create a bespoke PPC strategy for you, underpinned with integrated business data to prove our effectiveness.

We will advertise on any channel deemed relevant to your business strategy, often starting with the basics of Google Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Microsoft Advertising. We also offer Programmatic,  and Social Media advertising on both mainstream platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as more niche platforms like Pinterest and Reddit.

This completely depends on the campaigns we are running for you and aligns with your wider business objectives. For upper-funnel PPC campaigns, we’re more likely to measure views, impressions, traffic and recall lift. With lower-funnel campaigns, we’ll measure key metrics like volume of leads/conversions, return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per acquisition (CPA)

Google Ads is a product created by Google that allows anybody to access and begin the process of advertising on their network. However, the platform has become so expansive and competitive that dedicated specialists are a must when it comes to carefully deploying your budget in relevant and cost-effective channels. Agencies such as Ronel partner with Google directly to gain access to key insights and learnings – which our experts leverage with every campaign they launch.

SEO is the set of processes and techniques used to increase your website’s visibility in search engines like Google and Bing ‘organically’ (without the direct exchange of money). PPC is a method of advertising across networks, using a Pay-Per-Click pricing model. You pay for each click on your adverts, which direct online traffic to your website.