Interactive Content

Custom interactive content and experiences are a great way to engage and educate your audience.

By putting your audience in the driver’s seat, you can give them a unique experience that they will remember.

Why Interactive Content Matters


Interactivity is a key way to get people involved in your story. It requires human input, meaning people must take action to enter the story. Whether it’s a real-life, AR, VR, or online experience, their actions affect the story, putting them in control. 

When you need to make large amounts of data digestible and accessible, or when you want to guide people through a structured story in an entertaining and engaging way, interactives are especially useful.

How We Approach
Interactive Content

We believe that taking a story-centric approach to interactives is the best way to create meaningful and memorable experiences for users that will foster a closer connection with your brand. We identify the most creative ways to incorporate interactivity in order to enhance the user experience, synthesise information, build the narrative, and visualise the story for maximum engagement.

Applications for
Interactive Content

Interactive content is a very versatile tool when it comes to digital experiences. Its interactivity makes it perfect for:

This format is excellent for presenting your story in a straightforward, organised, and logical manner – whether your story is simple or complex.

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