We improve results generated through online campaigns using CRM data and automated processes.

The automation process helps to free time for the client to carry out other tasks.

Our Automation Approach

We use CRM data to automate processes and free up essential time. Our bespoke methods and scripts are designed for campaign optimisation that’s completely automated. Our approach focuses on three key areas:

Bids And Bid Adjustments

The automation of these saves hours of work per month, and eliminates human error and emotional decision making.

PPC Error Checking

Our tools check accounts either daily or hourly for issues relating to expended budgets, broken API connections and targeting mistakes.

Shopping Automation

Shopping feeds automatically reflect third party data to improve performance, and campaigns are created from scratch each morning.


Our expertise spans certain key specialisms:


We help funnel your lead generation efforts with tools that let you engage and stay connected to your audience.

Email Marketing

We’ll devise an effective email marketing strategy that grows your customer base.

Marketing Automation

Make the most of your valuable data in order to save time and boost efficiency.

Script Writing

Make the most of your valuable data in order to save time and boost efficiency.

Marketing Automation

This is a method of generating more leads without having to lift a finger. This can be done by using strategically planned triggers. Our approach to marketing automation falls into three areas:

A Strategic Schedule

Using careful testing and optimisation, we create a schedule of communications and ensure there’s unique content at every stage of the journey.

Automated Workflows

We set up a customised email workflow which consists of the schedule, trigger settings and content for the emails.

Email Triggers

New email campaigns are fired depending on which actions have been taken, pushing the user further down the marketing funnel.

Make Automation Your Priority With RONEL

The number of networks that require management is constantly expanding, the functionality of the platforms are becoming ever more complex, and without automation, search engine marketers will struggle to focus on the deeper analysis and insight that clients really value in an agency. That’s why we’ve made automation one of our biggest priorities.

Paid search, paid social & funnel automation are better when used together

We build bespoke automated scripts which hit that sweet spot between getting a large number of clicks whilst making sure each click doesn’t cost too much. The overall effect is the maximum amount of profit achievable.

Save Time And Make The Most Of Your Business Data With Marketing Automation

  • Marketing automation, data capture and lead nurturing are highly effective forms of streamlining your processes, boosting brand loyalty and driving sales. With accurate customer data and targeted content and communications, there’ll be no need for cold calling. You can offer your customers the personalised experience they expect. What’s more, you’ll be able to measure your results, so you can optimise your techniques.

Intelligent Targeting

  • Our team utilise CRM data to improve the results generated through online marketing campaigns via automation, using the power of email marketing trigger campaigns to push users further down the marketing funnel through intelligent targeting and personalisation.

Be Patient With The Process

  • Your customers’ decision making process can take time. Work with us, and we’ll design and deliver a successful automatic lead nurturing strategy for your business. Our team will help you make greater use of your customer database to set up triggered email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp, sending specific messages to customer based on actions they have taken on your website.

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