Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Followers

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The reasons why you should never buy followers are important for anyone who wants to create a real and honest online presence.  Despite the fact that social media brand building requires a significant amount of time and effort, success can be achieved through strategic planning.

What does it mean to buy followers?

Buying followers on social media platforms means purchasing fake or inactive accounts that will follow and engage with a user’s profile. This deceptive practice has gained popularity in recent years, although it violates the terms of service of most social media platforms and can have serious implications for users.

 Here are 6 reasons why you should never buy followers 

  1. Lack of engagement 

Having a large number of fake followers carries numerous risks, with the most significant being a lack of engagement. Fake followers typically remain passive and do not actively interact by liking, sharing, or commenting on your posts. This results in your content going unnoticed.

Social media platforms employ intricate algorithms to prioritize content in users’ feeds. When your purchased followers fail to engage with your content, it sends a signal to the platform that your posts are not resonating with your audience.

On the contrary, it’s crucial to build your account with authentic followers, as genuine followers are active, engaging, and sincerely interested in the content you share.

  1. Wasted Resources

Buying followers is not only unethical but also a waste of resources. Instead of spending money on buying followers, businesses would be better served by investing in ethical marketing tactics like targeted advertising campaigns, enhancing product development, or elevating the quality of goods and services offered.

These strategies have the potential to deliver tangible and authentic outcomes for the business.

  1. Missed Opportunities

As your posts receive less engagement, you risk losing authentic followers who are more inclined to become loyal customers and brand advocates. This decline in engagement can erode the trust they have in your brand.

Building a genuine following requires patience and dedication, yet the bonds formed during this process are invaluable. Prioritizing quality over quantity enables you to nurture a community of loyal followers genuinely interested in your business offerings.

  1. You may end up spamming your followers

Buying followers typically means acquiring fake accounts or bots that lack real interest in your content. These accounts often engage in spamy activities like excessively liking, commenting, or sharing irrelevant or promotional content. This can annoy genuine followers, cluttering their feeds with low-quality posts.

Additionally, some services may hijack your account and send out spam, damaging your brand’s reputation. Your authentic followers might resent receiving spammy posts or worse, leading to a negative impact on your company’s image.

  1. You Are Breaking Social Media Platform Policies

Breaking social media platform policies means breaking the policies of most social media platforms. Many platforms have algorithms in place to detect and penalize accounts that engage in such activities.

If they discover you’ve bought followers or engaged in other prohibited activities, they may suspend or permanently ban your account. This can have serious consequences for your online presence, reputation, and ability to use the platform for personal or business purposes.

  1. You Are Wasting Your Money

When you buy social media followers, you waste money on fake accounts or bots that provide no real value. While some services may offer you a quick and easy way to increase your follower count, they often charge a significant amount for these fake or inactive followers. 

These purchased followers won’t engage with your content authentically, meaning your investment doesn’t translate into meaningful interactions or conversions. 


Despite the risks involved, some individuals opt to purchase followers for various reasons. One primary incentive is to establish a sense of social validation. A substantial follower count can make users appear more appealing to potential followers or business contacts. 

This perceived popularity may also enhance one’s visibility on social media, attracting authentic followers whose impressive follower count sways. Although the advantages of buying followers may seem enticing, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential drawbacks and lasting repercussions.

 Rather than seeking quick fixes for popularity, it’s advisable to concentrate on producing authentic content, nurturing genuine connections, and organically cultivating a dedicated follower base on social media platforms.

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