Why Every Business Needs A Website (2023)

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We are now in a world where technology and internet rules. You cannot still be using those archaic methods to sell your products and aspect to get booming sales. You need a website, You need to be online. In this article, we would take you through what a website is, types and some importance of websites.  

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What is a Website?

website (also written as web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

For example, Ronel Agency website address URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is https://ronelagency.com. From our home page, you could get access to any of the web pages (like this one) contained on our website. The image shows how the Ronel Agency website looked in 2020.

{ image of Ronel Agency website}

Websites are typically dedicated to a particular topic or purpose, such as news, education, commerce, entertainment, or social networking

Hyperlinking between web pages guides the navigation of the site, which often starts with a home page.

Users can access websites on a range of devices, including desktopslaptopstablets, and smartphones. The software application used on these devices is called a web browser.

Who creates websites on the Internet?

Any business, government, organization, or person can create a website on the Internet. Today, the Internet consists of billions of websites created by billions of different people. You can even create a website or blog on the Internet. 

What can you do on a website?

On most websites, you read the information contained on each web page. If there are any interesting hyperlinks, you follow those links by clicking or tapping on them to find more information or perform a task. You can also listen to music, watch videos, shop, communicate, and much more on many websites.

Types Of Website

Archive website

An archive website is a site that keeps a record of the contents of one or more other websites. The Internet Archive is the best example of an archive website.

Blog (weblog)

blog is a website that is often created by an individual to keep a list of entries that interests them. A microblog website is also another popular form of blogging website that limits the number of characters someone can post in each blog entry. Twitter is an example of a social networking website that can be a place to microblog.

Business website and corporate website

business website or corporate website is created to provide account information and access to customers, partners, clients, and potential customers.

Community website

A community website is a website or section of a website that helps bring the visitors visiting the site together using chats, forums, or another form of bulletin boards.

The content website and information website

content website and information website are created with the intention of displaying unique content that is often related to a specific category. For example, Computer Hope could be considered a content site with computer-related content. Other categories could include a political website that has content relating to politics or a political view, or a religious website with information about a specific religion.

Dating website

dating website is a site set up to help connect people who may be interested in meeting other people or dating other people. Most dating websites require a small fee, require a description of yourself, and often has a series of questions to help find people that would best match your interests.

E-commerce website

An e-commerce (electronic commerce) website is any site that was created with the intention of selling online goods or services. Amazon is an example of an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website may be broken down even further into one of the following subcategories.

An affiliate website is a website created with the intention of selling third-party products. For example, Amazon has an affiliate program allowing anyone to link to their site and make a commission when products or services are purchased after the link is clicked. An affiliate website should not be confused with an e-commerce website.

An auction website is a website that allows other people to sell their goods or services. For example, eBay is one of the most well-known online auction websites. See our online auction page for further information and examples.

classified ads website is a site that allows anyone to list goods or services, usually for free or at a small cost. Craigslist is an example of a classified ads website.

crowdfunding website is set up to help support a business, person, or another cause by making a one time or monthly payment. An example of a crowdfunding website is Kickstarter.

Gaming website

gaming website is any website that features games that can be played on the website. Often these online games are created using HTML, Flash, or Java. Gaming websites should not be confused with a gaming content website that has content relevant to gaming with no actual games to play on the website.

Government website

government website is a department, local, or state government site that was created to help inform the public about government business and services. A local government website may also be set up to help promote tourism.

Help and Q&A website

help website and questions and answers website is a site where anyone can go to post questions about any topic imaginable and where visitors to that site can help answer those questions. A full listing of helpful websites where you can ask any question is on the link below.

Media sharing website

media sharing website is any website that specializes in allowing visitors to share one or more types of media. For example, YouTube is a site for sharing video media. SoundCloud is a site for sharing music. Flickr is a place to share photos. DeviantArt is a page for sharing art.

Mirror website

mirror website is a complete duplicate of another website that is used when a website becomes overloaded. It helps with a website’s speed in different parts of the world

News website

news website is a site dedicated to giving the latest local or world news. A news site may also be dedicated to a specific topic. Our News website www.newshubghana.com is dedicated to bringing you credible and authentic news all over the world.

warez website is similar to a torrent website, except that it stores and hosts music, video, and software that anyone can download to their computer. When referring to a warez website, it is describing a site where copyrighted material is illegally downloaded.

Personal website

personal website is a site created by an individual that talks about their personal life, family, life experiences, and maybe contains a résumé. Today, many people are creating personal websites as a blog or using a social networking website as a place to store information about themselves.

Personality website

personality website is any website that covers an individual, such as an artist, celebrity, musician, author, or any other person. These types of websites are set up by someone affiliated with the person, such as a publicist, agency, or fan of the personality.

Review website

review website is any site that focuses on reviews about a product or service. For example, { “INSERT” A RONEL website that reviews product etc} allows consumers to review businesses in their area. Other review sites may review other things such as movies or products. Also, many e-commerce sites have reviews from people who’ve purchased the product they’re selling.

School website

school website is a site created to represent a local school or college. School sites have an overview of a school and give students and parents a place to log in and review grades and other school-related information.

Search engine website

search engine website is a website dedicated to helping people find information on the Internet. Google is an example of a search engine website

Social networking website

social networking website connects users with friends, family, celebrities, groups, and organizations. The service is usually free, on the condition that the website may collect information about the user and sell it to any domestic or foreign entity. Facebook and Twitter are examples of a social networking website

Social news website

social news website is a site that generates its content from its members and, once posted, all other members can vote if they enjoyed or liked the story. Reddit is an example of a social news website that allows everyone to post almost anything. It is a great place to find things that would most interest you on the Internet.

Webcomic website

webcomic website is a site that posts a comic strip daily, weekly, or monthly.

Webmail website

webmail website is a website that a person to view, send, and receive e-mail without the need for software. An example of a webmail program is Gmail

There more to learn about websites. Read our article on  

Things to do when building a website.

This would tell you what you need for that website that you have always dreamt of.

Importance of a website

Websites are very important to your business, you need a website to show the world what you can offer. Here are 4 ways that can help your small business grow.

Low-Cost Advertising

The Web has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. While it takes time to build up enough traffic to your website to make a worthwhile impact on your company’s marketing campaign, it costs next to nothing to do so. Your website will be the centre of your company’s online presence; through it, you advertise your business around the Web on social networking sites, forums and through pay-per-click advertising programs.


Increasing visibility is one importance of having a website. Even if people have heard about your company, they may want to carry out research online first, before leaving the house. Provide a map and directions to your company’s shops or offices on your website so that visitors are less likely to have trouble finding the place.

 Easy Accessibility

A website is online and accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Because of this, your customers and potential customers can visit your site for support or information about new and upcoming products and services whenever it is convenient for them.

 Increase in Sales

Your website can sell products at any time. Potential customers are not restricted to business hours. Instead, they can go online and purchase products whenever they want. A website with an online shop can provide a dramatic boost in sales.

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