Obed Kwame Ababio

Digital Director

What to Know

The Code Shinobi's Bio

Ababio Obed Kwame is a Web Developer and an expert in User Experience (UX). As a Digital Director of RONEL, He oversees the intersection of design and technology as well as do most of the programming in all client work.

Prior to joining the team at RONEL, Obed worked at StarTimes Digital Systems as the Eastern Regional Sales Supervisor and a freelance web-developer. He received his BSc. in Materials Engineering at the University of Ghana, where he studied mostly materials engineering related courses and some IT courses like Introduction to Information Technology, Visual Basic, C and C++ programming languages. He later extensively self-tutored and specialised in Web Development Technologies such as PHP, WordPress Development and JavaScript. 

Obed is well rounded and has extensive practical experience in brand promotion and advertisement. He is proactive in developing new and innovative ideas to solve many business problems.

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